Teamsters Endorse Hainey for House District 6B

On Wednesday, the Teamsters Joint Council 32 endorsed Shaun Hainey as their candidate of choice for House District 6B. The Teamsters is one of the country’s largest and oldest unions, started in 1903 and representing over 1.4 million workers nationwide in the transportation, law enforcement, locomotive engineering, and communications fields.

Regarding Hainey’s position on PolyMet, Ed Reynoso, the Political Director for the Teamsters said, “Shaun had the single best answer we have seen regarding why he supports PolyMet, not just this endorsement cycle, but the best answer ever. It’s clear he’s done his research, and he will be a well-informed legislator.”

Hainey distinguishes himself as the ‘mining AND’ candidate. He supports mining and is a strong advocate for education, unions, healthcare, and developing additional economies to bring jobs to our area.

“Unions are critically important to our way of life and supporting a strong middle class. There are too many people struggling to make ends meet that just need the opportunity to earn a living wage. Unions give us voice in the workplace, and help make sure that we are treated justly and compensated fairly. Especially in the wake of the Janus decision, it is critical for us remain organized and strong in union to support working families,” said Hainey.

Hainey is the DFL endorsed candidate for the House District 6B race; he faces an opponent in the upcoming August 14 primary.

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