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Shaun Hainey

Candidate for State Representative, House District 6B

I am Shaun Hainey, a father, aspiring hobby farmer, union member, hunter, non-profit board member, and community advocate. I am running to be your State Representative for House District 6B, and I look forward to earning your support.

My first priority is education. I’ll work with others to encourage and promote an approach to learning that will give students hands-on experiences solving real problems by collaborating with local businesses and building relationships in the community. This will help prepare our children to thrive in our natural resource-based economy and create opportunities for entrepreneurship — contributing to a more vibrant Range and giving people more reasons to stay or return to the area.

I believe in method focused education, creating leadership opportunities for youth, research and results driven spending, and technology that inspires creation – not consumption.


Join me as we invest in our single greatest resource.

I have met many of you who share these values and want to contribute to building a better future.  As my wife of ten years has said,

“The future of our community depends upon our children;
Their future depends upon us.” – Cassandra Hainey, Volunteers in Education (VinE)

Shaun Hainey Family

I am inspired to run for office by a sense of service leadership. My approach to problem solving is to look at the root cause, not just treat the symptoms of an issue. This means taking a critical look at the policies and institutions that help prevent people from experiencing need in the first place.

In the Consumer Services Division of the Minnesota Attorney General’s Office, where I served under Attorneys General Hatch and Swanson, I learned the value of good constituent services and when listening is more important that talking.

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