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Investing in the future of our community

I am passionate about education. I believe that education is the single most important investment that we can make. It is a vaccine that inoculates against poverty, unwanted pregnancy, and crime. It is a tool that can build empowerment, a sense of self, confidence, economic and social mobility, and civic engagement.

Education is a precursor to creation. It enables our children to express themselves positively and effectively as citizens, humanitarians, and entrepreneurs.

We face an uncertain landscape of the future. In all honesty, we do not know what we need to prepare our children for. What we can do is teach them how to ask good questions and problem solve – so that when whatever is on the other side of the horizon shows itself they are prepared.

I want to raise our youth with a legacy of more than responding to the mess that has been left to them, I want to equip the next generation of leaders with ingenuity and critical thinking as they prepare to build the future.

Pro-Industry, Pro-Environment – Yes both

We don't have to choose one or the other

Mining is a cornerstone of our economy and provides the raw materials that become the infrastructure that builds our nation. I am proud of our contribution and want to invest in and support our current and expanding industry.

I support Polymet; the project has been well vetted over the course of 17 years under multiple administrations – more than enough time to go through due diligence and make sure that this is a sound and science-based process. I support continued exploration of reserves, land trades, and pursuing the environmental review process for Twin Metals.

I also drink the water and have kids. Good stewardship of the Earth is a part of my faith. A connection to nature isn’t just good for our souls, it’s also good for our economy. But good stewardship doesn’t fall on any one industry; it is the responsibility of all of us to be mindful of our impact.

These values can and do co-exist. We need sensible regulation based in science that protects the environment with out creating an unnecessary burden for producers; we need to invest in constantly pursuing the question “How do we do this better?”.

In this balance we can live vibrantly for today while being mindful of the future that we are building.

Single Payer Healthcare

Quality healthcare that we can afford

Accessible and Affordable – Payments we can afford, coverage that’s useful.

Patient driven – We choose our doctor, not the insurance company

Prevention Focused – Insurance that will get yourself and loved ones to the doctor.


Bringing democracy to the workplace

Living wage paying jobs that can support a family

Safe working environments that treat people with dignity and respect

I will fight hard to protect our unions

Regional Sustainability

Living vibrantly now while securing and building a better future for tomorrow

Infrastructure Investment

Economic Diversification

Pursuing Renewable Energy

Click here to read more about my economic development priorities.


Quality of Life Investments

Keeping families and attracting new ones to the area


Childcare Access

Community Development

Trails and outdoor recreation

Caring for Families

Providing stability and helping to care for our loved ones

Protecting Medicare and social security

Paid Family Medical Leave

Paid Safe and Sick time

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