Plan for Regional Sustainability

Press Release on Regional Sustainability Many I have talked to have concern about what the future of the Iron Range holds, not just for us, but for our children and grandchildren – this is where the plan for Regional Sustainability comes from. The plan breaks down into four main components: Economy, Stewardship, Infrastructure, and Community. I grew up in a small business household and know about what it’s like to experience the ups and downs. I still remember how humbling it was the couple of times we went to the food shelf when I was a kid. But my parents taught me to stick with it and work through the tough times. What I want to focus on is how...
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Radio Advertising Closed Captioning

“Build the Future” – AD1 I’m Shaun Hainey, the DFL and labor endorsed candidate for House District 6B. I live here in Pike Township with my wife Cassandra and four kids and want to make sure that your children and mine have a bright future on the Iron Range and don’t have to leave to find a good paying job. I support both taconite and non – ferrous mining, clean water, good roads, affordable healthcare, and a strong public education. Vote for someone trying to make a real difference who knows what it’s like to be pinched in the middle and wants a transparent government. Vote Shaun Hainey in the Primary August 14th. and Join us as we work to...
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Duluth News Tribune Endorses Hainey

Duluth News Tribune Endorsement In Hainey, DFL voters can pick a candidate eager to bridge divides between parties, different regions of the state, and elsewhere — divides preventing us from doing those things that benefit all Minnesota and hampering our ability to even legislate properly.
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Economic Development Priorities

Economic Priorities Economic Development Priorities The short version of my economic plan is: mining, local business, economic diversification, building infrastructure, and investing in quality of life improvements. I support miners. I support a way of life that is critical to the economic success of our region, and contributes to our nation’s infrastructure. On the Iron Range, we take pride in what we do. Let’s do mining, taconite and copper nickel, the best way possible. We can bring the message to St. Paul that this is good for all of us. In the big picture, it is good for our environment, after all, the 1200lbs of copper in those wind turbines has to come from somewhere, why not here where we...
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A New Path to Build the Future

A lot of us are frustrated with politics as usual. Check out our video calling for us to return to our values and work together. Everyone should know the importance of their vote and the strength of their voice.
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Teamsters Endorse Hainey for House District 6B

On Wednesday, the Teamsters Joint Council 32 endorsed Shaun Hainey as their candidate of choice for House District 6B. The Teamsters is one of the country’s largest and oldest unions, started in 1903 and representing over 1.4 million workers nationwide in the transportation, law enforcement, locomotive engineering, and communications fields. Regarding Hainey’s position on PolyMet, Ed Reynoso, the Political Director for the Teamsters said, “Shaun had the single best answer we have seen regarding why he supports PolyMet, not just this endorsement cycle, but the best answer ever. It’s clear he’s done his research, and he will be a well-informed legislator.” Hainey distinguishes himself as the ‘mining AND’ candidate. He supports mining and is a strong advocate for education, unions,...
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Shaun Hainey

Press Release – Announcement – March 6, 2018

On Tuesday Shaun Hainey of Pike announced his candidacy for the MN House of Representatives seat in District 6B, for which Jason Metsa is not seeking re-election as he is running for Congress. “I live in Pike because it’s where family is, it’s where my wife and I want to raise our children. This is where our kids can play outside without concern, nature is right in our backyard, and whenever we need a break we can just hop on a horse and go for a ride. I am committed to bring our region’s values and work ethic to the capitol to protect this way of life and build a sound economic future for our region.” Shaun grew up in...
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